Now, you can file IT returns via mobile – Here is how

Now, taxpayers will be able to file their Income Tax Returns (ITR) via mobile also. The Income Tax Department launched its new tax e-filing portal on 7th June, 2021 and this new portal also has an all-new mobile app.The Income Tax Department has said that it will be easy for taxpayers to use the new portal through smartphones.

With phones widely used, the department has claimed that the new IT return e-filing portal and the new mobile app will be easy to use for taxpayers. It will help taxpayers to gather information like ITR form, pre-filled income tax details, Saral income tax facility, refund claim and other facilities.

The mobile app has various other features like Locate a Tax Return Preparer near you, Tools for calculating your taxes, ASK IT – A ChatBot, Tax Gyaan – A Game; and a lot more

How to Install

  • Give a miss call on +91 – 7306 52 52 52
  • The Department will SMS the installation link

How to install from the Portal:

  • Visit the new income tax e-filing portal 2.0
  • Click on Tax Payer Services
  • Click on Aay​k​ar Setu mobile app
  • After that a new window will be opened Aay​k​ar Setu- Mobile Application for Tax Payer Services Module
  • Scan the QR code to download the mobile application

The Income Tax Return e-filling portal 2.0 is expected to provide taxpayers with convenience and a modern seamless experience by way of providing multiple tech-enabled features to the users. The tax department will utilise this website for both ITR filing and for responding to queries and to give out orders like assessments, appeals, exemption and penalties.

Here are all the new benefits offered by portal 2.0:

1. Quick Refunds: The new e-filing portal will be integrated with immediate processing of Income Tax Returns(ITRs) so that quick refunds can be issued to taxpayers.

2. Mobile Application: After the launch of the new e-filing site, a mobile app will be launched which will facilitate all key functions available on the site for full-time access on mobile network…Read more>>


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