State Bank of India brings Pension Seva for senior citizens – Check all features

State Bank of India has introduced a special new pension seva for its senior citizen customers. The SBI has particularly upgraded its website where the work related to pension will become easier.

Customers will have access to all kinds of pension services on the website. The individual has to register themselves on the website with relevant information and you are good to go.

Facilities available at the website:

– You can download the arrears calculation sheet on the website

– You can download pension slip or Form-16 in it

– You can also see the information of your pension profit details

– You can check your investments on the website

– You can see the status of Life Certificate

Extended benefits available on the website:

– Get alerts of pension payment details on your phone

– Life certification facility will be available at a nearby branch

– Pension slip will be received through e-mail

– You will be able to submit your life certificate in any SBI branch

While registering or after, we may face some issues and if you feel overwhelmed then you can contact the bank by logging in to your account, or you can email the bank at with the screenshot of the error…Read more>>


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